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NCEO Annual Conference 02-05 September 2019

The NCEO and CEOI (Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation) Earth Observation (EO) science, missions and technology conference took place on 2-5th September 2019 at the Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus.

The three day conference provided an ideal platform for networking, sharing ideas and learning more about EO from various organisations and scientists

The programme for the conference and the presentations can be found below.


Monday 02 September
1500 onwards Accommodation check-in
1900-2100 Registration, informal drinks and BBQ, Pavilion Building (there will be a cash bar)
Tuesday 03 Sept   Clifton Teaching and Learning Building, Lecture Theatre 03
0830 onwards Registration
0930-1000 Welcome and update on NCEO and CEOI 2019: John Remedios and Mick Johnson
1000-1045 Keynote: Richard Lucas – Earth Observation: Preparing for the Future whilst Building on the Past
1045-1115 Refreshments, Lecture Room 04
1115-1245 Plenary: Climate Data and Climate Services, Chair Briony Turner:-
Tim Trent: Evaluation of Total Column Water Vapour in CMIP6 models using the G-VAP Archive
Darren Ghent: Land Surface Temperature CCI: approaches to long-term data for climate
Nigel Fox: Traceable Radiometry Underpinning Terrestrial- and Helio- Studies (TRUTHS): Enabling a Space-based Climate and Calibration Observatory – An ESA EarthWatch mission
Philip Kershaw: JASMIN Cluster-as-a-Service for Climate Data Analysis
Robert Parker: The UK Earth System Model
Jon Styles: The Assimila approach to generate Analysis Reading Data (ARD) for the UK
Related posters Ed Williamson; Antonio Di Noia; Simon Preval; Sophie Hebden; Adam Povey; and Kelvin Choi
1245-1400 Lunch, Lecture Room 02
1400-1530 Plenary: High resolution sensing in the spatial and temporal domains: challenges and applications, Chair Amos Lawless:-
Alison Fowler: Information Aware Data compression of high-resolution observations
Ross Bannister: Analysis of balance in storm-scale weather forecasts
Peter Hill: Evaluating satellite-based nowcasting for tropical Africa
Jose Gomez-Dans: Atmospheric Correction matters! A case study with Sentinel 2 data over the UK
Feng Yin: Monitoring wheat yield at field scale on a national level using Sentinel-2 data and a mechanistic crop growth model
Related posters Javier Amezcua; Natalie Douglas, Nancy Nichols
1400-1730 Parallel meeting, Room PO7 Plaza level: ESM VAL TOOL TRAINING
1530-1600 Refreshments, Lecture Room 04
1600-1730 Plenary: Space 4.0, Chairs Tianran Zhang and Martin Wooster:-
Jan Vermeiren: The European Low Flux Image Sensor (ELFIS)
Murray Ireland: Autonomy assurance for small Earth Observation satellites
Harbinder Rana: DarkCarb: An Innovate Approach to Infrared Imaging
Rocio Barrio Guillo: Methane retrieval over anthropogenic point sources using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Callum Middleton: Overview of CHAFF: CubeSat Hyperspectral Application For Farming
Tianran Zhang: Developing a deep Learning Model to Support VIIRS Active Fire Detection and Validation
Related posters Lucinda King; Stephen Goult; Michael Perry
1730-1900 Poster and Exhibitor Session with drinks reception, Lecture Room 04
1900 Informal Supper in The Pavilion. There will be a cash bar
Wednesday 04 Sept  Clifton Teaching and Learning Building, Lecture Theatre 03
0830 onwards Registration
0900-1030 Plenary: Biosphere-atmosphere interactions, Chair Maggie Marvin:-
Michael Cartwright: Understanding the global sources and sinks of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide (OCS) in order to provide insights into carbon cycle processes
Liang Feng: Improved flux estimates of CO2 and CH4 by assimilating GOSAT full-physics XCO2 retrievals and proxy XCO2:X CH4 retrievals
Mark Lunt: An increase in methane emissions from tropical Africa between 2010-2016 inferred from satellite data
Jin-Soo Kim: Fire activity in Equatorial Asia related to the El Niño diversity
Christopher Taylor: Satellite observations reveal strong impact of deforestation on convective storms in Southern West Africa
Richard Siddans: Global trace gas distributions from the extended Infrared and Microwave Scheme for studies of atmosphere – biosphere interactions
Related posters Ranjini Swaminathan; Chris Wilson; David Moore; Antonio Giovanni Bruno; Maggie Marvin
1030-1100 Refreshments, Lecture Room 04
1100-1145 Keynote: Shaun Quegan – The trials and tribulations of an ESA mission PI
1145-1315 Plenary: Innovative new technologies, exciting new missions for EO, Chairs Mick Johnson and Chris Brownsword:-
David Barry/Charles Woffinden: Evolution of Earth Observation with TDI Sensors
Martin Unwin: GNSS Reflectometry on TDs-1 and Future Satellites
Christopher Thomas: Superconducting system-on-chip filterbank spectrometers for hyperspectral microwave atmospheric sounding
Steve Maddox: Quantum Gravity Sensing in Space
Juan Reveles: A Novel Deployable Cassegrain Satellite Antenna for Earth Observation Applications
1315-1415 Lunch, Lecture Room 02
1400 The closed meeting of the UKSpace EO Committee will meet in Room PO3, Plaza Level
1415-1545 Plenary: The Carbon Cycle, Chair Joao Carreiras:-
Hartmut Boesch: The UK Contribution to the MicroCarb mission
Tristan Quaife: Updates on Solar Induced Fluorescence modelling activities
Alex Webb: Regeneration of CO2 Satellite Column Data tailored to an Atmospheric inversion Scheme
Luke Smallman: Development and validation of an intermediate model of gross primary productivity and evapotranspiration
Ana Maria Pachecho-Pascagaza: Multi-Temporal and Multi-Frequency Analysis to Assess Forest Degradation in Bajo Calima – Colombia
Matthew Hethcoat: SAR sensors for detecting Tropical Selective Logging: assessing SENTINEL-1 RADARSAT-2, AND PALSAR-2
Related posters Nikoleta Kalaitzi; Neil Humpage; Shubha Sathyendranath & Georgio Dall’Olmo; Joao Carreiras; Dongzu Yang; Wilfred Calder-Potts
1545-1615 Refreshments, Lecture Room 04
1615-1745 Plenary: The Energy and Water Cycle, Chair Helen Brindley:-
Keith Haines: Global surface energy and water cycle variability 2001-2011 from satellite data.
Richard Bantges: Comparisons of simulated radiative properties of cirrus across the mid- and far-infrared with aircraft-based observations
Kamil Mroz: Triple-frequency Doppler retrieval of characteristic raindrop size
Daniel Watters: The Summertime Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation Derived from IMERG
Stephen Hobbs: G-CLASS Hydroterra: an Earth Explorer mission for Water Cycle Science
Related posters Richard Allan; Anthony Illingworth; Corwin Wright; Laura Warwick; Bo Dong
1745-1900 Poster and Exhibitor Session with drinks reception, Lecture Room 04
1900 Formal Dinner in The Pavilion. There will be a cash bar.
Thursday 05 Sept       Clifton Teaching and Learning Building, Lecture Theatre 03
0830 onwards Registration
1000-1045 Keynote: Anna Hogg – Hot Topics in Glaciology
1045-1115 Refreshments, Lecture Room 04
1115-1245 Plenary: Earth Observation for International Development, Chair Heiko Balzter:-
Kofi Asare: Research activities conducted by the Remote Sensing and Climate Center (RSCC) Ghana
Barbara Hofmann: D-MOSS: Introducing an earth observation-driven dengue fever forecasting system for Vietnam
Alex Cornelius: Microclimate Temperature Modelling   – a Novel Tool for Integrated Pest Management Services
Harjinder Sembhi: Supporting agricultural-decision making with Sentinel 3, UAV and in-situ measurements in a critical zone observatory located in the Ganga Basin, India
Pedro Rodriguez-Veiga: Quantity and spatial distribution of aboveground biomass carbon in Colombia’s forest
Ewan Pinnington: Data Assimilation with the JULES land surface model
Related posters: Alex Cornelius; Clare Rumsey; Eoghan Darbyshire; Jose Gomez-Dans; Daniel Fisher
1245-1345 Lunch, Lecture Room 02
1300 The closed meeting of the Clouds and Aerosol Group will meet in Room PO6 Ground Floor Plaza
1400 The closed meeting of the ODA Group will meet in Room PO5 Ground Floor Plaza
1345-1400 Special Plenary Talk – Elizabeth Quintana, Ofcom
1400-1515 Plenary: Ocean, Chair Chris Banks:-
Francesco Nencioli: Agulhas Ring Transport Efficiency From Combined Satellite Altimetry and Argo Profiles
Claire Bulgin: Variability, persistence and re-emergence of sea surface temperature anomalies
Lauren Biermann: Towards a method for detecting macroplastics by satellite: examining Sentinel-2 earth observation data for floating debris in the coastal zone
Matthew Hammond: GNSS-R Global Ocean Surface Winds from the UK TechDemoSat-1 Mission
Stefano Ciavatta: Ecoregions and carbon fluxes in the Mediterranean Sea through the assimilation of ocean-colour phytoplankton functional types
Related poster: Chris Banks
1515 Conference thanks and wrap up