Welcome to the UK Joint GEO/CEOS office

Welcome to the UK Joint GEO/CEOS Office

The UK’s Joint GEO/CEOS Office is hosted by NCEO, on behalf of the UK Earth Observation community, to interface to two major international initiatives: the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS).

GEO is a voluntary partnership of governments and organisations working towards a future wherein decisions and actions for the benefit of humankind are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained EO and information. It is leading a worldwide effort to create a data portal called the ‘Global Earth Observation System of Systems’ (GEOSS) to link EO resources worldwide across Societal Benefit Areas.

CEOS is a mechanism to coordinate civil space-based EO programmes and promote data exchange for society’s benefit, and to inform decision-making to secure a prosperous and sustainable future for humankind.

Alongside Defra and the UK Space Agency, NCEO is working to increase the visibility of GEO to the UK Earth Observation community, facilitating and coordinating the UK’s inputs to GEOSS. We disseminate information about CEOS and GEO activities and get community feedback, and host GEO and CEOS events in the UK. The joint GEO/CEOS office is funded by Defra, NERC/NCEO, and the UK Space Agency.

Further information & key docs for UK community relating to GEO and CEOS

GEO communications toolkit

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Upcoming GEO and CEOS events

About us

Defra supplies the UK policy lead for GEO; NCEO provides the science lead for GEO on behalf of NERC; the UK Space Agency provides the UK space link for GEO and interfaces to the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS).


Dr Farhana Amin, GEO Principal, Earth Observation Programme, Defra

Professor John Remedios, GEO/CEOS Principal and Director of GEO/CEOS Office, Director NCEO

Dr Beth Greenaway, CEOS Principal, Head of Earth Observation, UK Space Agency

Bertie Archer, Alternate CEOS Principal, UK Space Agency

Dr Zofia Stott, GEO Strategic Support, NCEO Programme and Impacts Manager

Dr Sophie Hebden, UK Joint GEO/CEOS Office Manager, NCEO-University of Leicester

Selina Newall, GFOI Leads Group, BEIS International Climate Finance Team

Joanne Nightingale, CEOS Ad Hoc Space Data Coordination Group for the Global Forest Observations Initiative co-chair, National Physical Laboratory

Miles Gabriel, GEO Data Sharing Working Group, Director Gabriel Information Solutions Ltd.

Garry Baker, UK GEO Data Sharing National Focal Point, British Geological Survey

Dr Nathalie Pettorelli, UK Programme Board member for GEO, Zoological Society of London

Dr Nigel Fox, CEOS Working Group on Calibration and Validation, National Physical Laboratory

Professor Chris Merchant, CEOS Working Group on Climate, NCEO-University of Reading

Dr Marie-Fanny Racault, GEO Programme Board Paris Agreement sub-group, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Dr Joao Carrieras, CEOS Ad Hoc Team on Future Data Access & Analysis Architectures, NCEO-University of Sheffield

Mark Jarman, CEOS Ad Hoc Team on Future Data Access & Analysis Architectures, Satellite Applications Catapult

Dan Wicks, CEOS Ad Hoc Team on Future Data Access & Analysis Architectures, Satellite Applications Catapult

UK leadership in calibration and validation

UK involvement in CEOS WGCV

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