NCEO training courses in Earth Observation and related topics

Free, online training courses, produced by NCEO experts, in a variety of Earth observation topics including data assimilation, data processing and monitoring atmospheric composition.

These training materials, and downloadable notes, are hosted by a variety of websites and repositories such as:

  • Data Tree
  • FutureLearn
  • GitHub
  • Jupyter
  • mybinder

New course submissions

In spring 2023, NCEO initiated a web redevelopment project to replace this website. The new website plans to reshape the way we offer training courses for staff, students and anyone else with an interest in EO-related training. Internal training courses will be offered via a staff login. Technical training courses will be ‘open access’, free, and available to everyone, subject to completing a registration form.

Please contact Uzma Saeed, NCEO Training Officer, with upcoming proposals for new technical training courses so that they can be included in our plans.

Introduction to Machine Learning for Earth Observation

A virtual introduction to Machine Learning course with accessible online teaching resources to help understand, assess, and run different Machine...

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Data Assimilation Minus the Maths | DARE MOOC

Introduction to the basic concepts of data assimilation without assuming a background in mathematical concepts or specialist subject knowledge.

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Monitoring croplands using Data Assimilation (DA) techniques

Training materials developed for an Earth Observation, Crop Modelling & Data Assimilation workshop

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Big Data and the Environment MOOC

From sources such as satellites, sensors and social media, how can environmental data analytics benefit business and research?

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Monitoring Atmospheric Composition MOOC

This online training course will explore how we observe and measure the atmosphere with satellites and other forms of in-situ measurements

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Data Tree

Data Tree provides online training for environmental science PhD students and early career researchers in data management and in engaging with bu...

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An introduction to librat: a Monte Carlo ray tracing radiative transfer model

librat is a flexible, modular radiative transfer model for simulating the lidar return of realistic 3D scenes.

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Hyperspectral Earth Observation, data processing and analysis training course

An online training course for PhD students and early stage researchers developed by NCEO scientists.

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Ensemble Square-Root Kalman Filters - for forecasting

An online training course for PhD students and early career researchers.

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The Equivalent Weights Particle Filter - for data assimilation

An online training course providing an introduction to Particle Filters and theory for the Equivalent Weights Particle Filter.

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Contact NCEO Training

For further information contact Uzma Saeed, NCEO Training Officer.