Business Collaborations

NCEO supports the exploitation of NERC Earth Observation research by industry, often through collaborative projects intiated by space agencies, EC and government departments.

We can provide:

  • Advice on the expert use of EO data by key industrial sectors: for example applications for climate services, forestry and agriculture, and cities;
  • Supporting expert use of EO techniques including improved algorithms, quality control, and data assimilation;
  • Expertise on requirements for new EO satellites and sponsorship opportunities for missions;
  • Co-sponsoring MPhil and PhD students for joint research projects with industry.

Forest ecosystem and health: Ecometrica collaboration

NCEO is collaborating with the sustainability software and data firm Ecometrica to address the significant barriers to advancing applications of Earth observation in forests.

The project aims to establish international research and commercial partnerships to develop digital infrastructure and content to advance applications of EO in forests in Brazil and Mexico.

The outputs of NCEO research will be broadcast via new Ecometrica technology; the EO Lab. These cloud-based, connected labs enable controlled sharing and distribution of data products between collaborators and their stakeholders, supporting improvement of information content over time. The NCEO at the University of Edinburgh will be hosting one of the four EO Labs being set up as part of the project.

This video by Ecometrica explains the work.