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NCEO logos

  • Logos should not be created from scratch – please download print logos from the NERC website here. Please download web logos from the NERC website here.
  • Logos should be in full colour wherever they are used on light backgrounds, but if the logo must be positioned over a strong colour then the mono-negative version should be used.
  • When a logo is positioned over a background image or pattern, a version with a transparent background should be used (also known as Alpha transparency).
  • Please do not: alter the relationship between logotype and graphic; change corporate colours; use another typeface; abbreviate the logotype or combine the graphic in any way.
  • The NCEO logo should always appear in full, with both logotype and graphic together. For very small sizes, for example as a bullet point, use the round graphic alone.
  • Font: The corporate typeface for logos is the Gill Sans family.
  • Size: The text on the logo must be legible. The logo should not be reduced down below 2cm height

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