Data Tree

Data Tree - a free online course for research data management

Data Tree provides online training for environmental science PhD students and early career researchers in data management and in engaging with businesses, policy and the wider public. As a data management online training site Data Tree will teach the value and practicalities of good data management, providing examples and context for engagement with data users. The training will be delivered in eight sections highlighting the impact of data-intensive research on real-world situations. The specific requirements of NERC data centres and management plans will be showcased, along with issues arising from environmental data – from big data challenges of climate modelling, to dealing with physical samples; from the challenges of widely-used public datasets, to the issues of data citation, version control and deleting data at repositories.

The underlying themes of the training will be:

– Data sharing as a driver of economic growth, efficiency and innovation
– The benefits of working with data users
– Reproducability of data and scientific research

To take part in this online training course visit the IEA Data Tree training website here

NCEO is proud to be a partner in Data Tree

Data Tree also meets the needs of business

Engendering best practice in data management, along with the skills to communicate research confidently and clearly to a range of audiences, will positively impact on productivity by making it easier to re-use data. The training will have enduring benefits; today’s PhD cohorts are tomorrow’s research leaders, entrepreneurs and industrial researchers.

The Industrial Strategy recognises that advanced skills are vital for the UK economy and these data competencies are an essential addition to doctoral training. A range of businesses, including engineering consultancies, utilities and insurance, look to environmental research to guide risk assessment and investment. Improved labelling and curation of datasets will enable these users to not only access research papers but to interrogate the underlying data, to more thoroughly understand the issues and therefore to develop innovative solutions. Through awareness of the value of data and good management, the training will help research data support innovation and business.