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Your Planet Needs You

30 November 2018
The Natural History Museum: After Hours at the Museum
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Join NCEO and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) for a special Late at The Natural History Museum, all about the environment.

From seas of plastic to forest biodiversity, rising air turbulence and struggling coral reefs, meet the scientists whose innovative work is helping to tackle our planet’s most urgent environmental challenges.

Reflections of Earth
See the Marine Invertebrates gallery transform into an audiovisual celebration of our Earth. Take a moment to reflect and enjoy laid-back music and images from the National Centre for Earth Observation.

Pop-up science stations
Hang out with scientists as they delve into protecting biodiversity hotspots, weighing the world’s forests and exploring evolution in the deep ocean.
NCEO and University of Sheffield’s Professor Shaun Quegan will present his work on the European Space Agency’s Biomass mission.
Using radically new technology, the BIOMASS satellite will create 3D maps of the forests, measure their biomass and height, and make an accurate map of the terrain they are standing on. Crucially, it will allow us to understand how much carbon is held in forests, providing information vital to help us monitor climate change in the decades to come.

How We Save the World
What if you had the power to save the world? Join interactive theatre makers Coney on an immersive adventure to make decisions at key moments in Earth’s history

Pop-up games by Coney
The team at Coney have created three pop-up games to engage you in environmental issues and to see the effect they have on us.

30 November 2018, 18.00-22.00

Free entry, with a mix of paid and free activities.

Artist's impression of the Biomass Mission copyright ESA
Professor Shaun Quegan
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