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UK Space Climate Programmes Information Day

1 June 2023
Updates from five major UK space climate programmes including upcoming funding, benefiting academia and industry
3 hours

Space4Climate will host this free online event, on Thursday 1 June 2023, on behalf of the UK Space Agency.  Hear from leads of five major UK space climate programmes who will give updates on upcoming funding, benefiting academia & industry.

The NCEO speakers at this event include:

  • Prof John Remedios, NCEO Director, will present a talk on the EO Data Hub programme
  • Prof Christopher Merchant, will give an update on the UK EO Climate Information Services programme

The UK has a vibrant landscape of world-leading Earth Observation (EO) academic and industrial organisations and a well-founded reputation for excellence in EO. In the National Space Strategy, the Government committed to remain at the forefront of Earth Observation technology and knowhow. The speakers at this event are involved in projects that will deliver essential funding to recognise the importance of this sector, benefiting academia and industry and building our national capability. We will be joined by the leads of 5 major space climate programmes in the UK who will provide latest updates and what to look out for. The plenary session will be followed by parallel break-out sessions for each of the 5 programmes, allowing participants to deep dive with the respective leads.

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This illustration depicts the Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite with solar arrays fully deployed. Image Credit: CNES