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NCEO - Stand H24 EMEX London

27 November 2019 - 28 November 2019
NCEO and Space4Climate will showcase our work on greenhouse gas emissions and climate on Stand H24 at the EMEX Exhibition, ExCel London. This event brings together practitioners and experts from various backgrounds and sectors to share their knowledge and experiences from successful implementations of energy efficiency strategies.
Meet NCEO and Space4Climate on Stand H24, ExCel, London, 27-28 November 2019

The National Centre for Earth Observation is pleased to be exhibit at EMEX (Energy Management Exhibition).  Along with Space4Climate and PufferFish, we will be showcasing  our work on greenhouse gas emissions and climate at the event

The National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) has world-class capabilities in processing and analysing vast quantities of satellite data generated to monitor and understand global/regional environmental change.  Earth observation scientists and data assimilation experts model the Earth system to address societal and environmental challenges.  Unique in Europe, NCEO works with public sector agencies and Government to improve understanding of environmental conditions.  NCEO’s internationally recognised science covers a broad range of environmental science fields.  Four principal focal points are: global and regional carbon cycles with their complex linkages; terrestrial-atmosphere connectivity, from biospheres of forests and deltas to anthropogenic influences of agriculture and urbanisation; physical energy and water exchanges in the Earth system; and observations of global climate change.  NCEO’s work improves understanding, prediction and mitigation of natural hazards. And we provide the scientific rationale for new satellite missions, working with space agencies, engineers and industry to design next generation sensors.

Figure 3 courtesy ESA DUE GlobTemp
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