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ESA Living Planet Symposium

13 May 2019 - 17 May 2019
The Living Planet symposium 2019 focuses on how Earth Observation contributes to science and society, and how disruptive technologies and actors are changing the traditional Earth Observation landscape, which is also creating new opportunities for public and private sector interactions.
International 5-day Earth Observation conference in Milan

NCEO will be exhibiting on stand number 33 and NCEO scientists will be giving talks.

NCEO speakers on the UKSA exhibition stand number 33:
Monday 13th May

1300, Alison Waterfall, Data Standards and JASMIN
1510, Kevin Pearson, Sea surface temperature
Tuesday 14th May
1010, Alessandro Novellino, Geological hazards
1510, Mary Langsdale, Land surface temperature
Wednesday 15th May
1010, Milan Lazecky, Volcanic/tectonic activities using SAR
1300, Darren Ghent, Land surface temperature and climate
1510, Heiko Balzter, Forest cover and biodiversity change
Thursday 16th May
1010, Shaun Quegan, BIOMASS
1300, Martin Wooster, Boreal wildfires and fire emissions
1510, Shannon Mason, EarthCARE
Friday 17th May
1010, Joao Carreiras, Forest cover change and BIOMASS

NCEO speakers at the Symposium:
Monday 13th May

1540, Hartmut Boesch, Session A3.11: RS of Fluorescence, Chair
1720, Heiko Balzter, Poster: Earth Observation of forest cover change for biodiversity monitoring
1720, Lin Gilbert, Poster: Sentinel 3A – continuing the multi-mission satellite altimetry time series of Antarctic ice sheet elevation change
Tuesday 14th May
0900, Darren Ghent, Agora Giardino, round table discussion on climate
0900, Shaun Quegan, AGORA ESA, oral: the role of BIOMASS observations in supporting the Paris Climate Agreement
1350, Helen Brindley, Session B1.05: EE9 FORUM and SKIM, Oral: FORUM – a mission to measure the Earth’s Far Infrared Outgoing Radiation Spectrum
1540, Darren Ghent, Session B2.04: Sentinel 3A/B Tandem Results, Oral: Land Surface Temperature comparisons from Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B Tandem Phase
1540, Darren Ghent, Session A6.04 UNFCCC Paris Agreement #2, Oral: CCI contributions to the ECV catalogue
1540, Silvia Pardo, Session B2.04: S3A/B Tandem Phase Results, Poster: (Area D Board 405) Atlantic Meridional transect Radiometric Validation of Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B OLCI
1640, Kevin Pearson, Session A4.14 Ocean Circulation #2, Oral, Sea surface temperature expression of ocean dynamics in global analyses; gains from high-resolution passive microwave observations
1655, Jeremy Harrison, Session Amber 1+2, Oral: Phosgene in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere: a Marker for Product Gas Injection Due to Chlorine-Containing Very Short-Lived Substances
1720, Barry Latter, Poster: Update on NRT and C3S/ESA-CCI 20+ year height-resolved ozone data from GOME-class instruments
1720, Alison Waterfall, Poster: Data standards for ESA Climate Change Initiative
Wednesday 15th May
0830, Mat Disney, Session A3.3, Oral: New 3D measurements and models of canopy structure, and the insights this can provide
0830, Hartmut Boesch, Session A1.09 Resilience of Forest Canopy #1, Chairing Greenhouse Gases #1 session
1430, Alessandro Novellino, Disaster Risk Reduction for Developing Countries, Oral: Hanoi City material flows
1500, Victoria Bennett, Agora Giardino, oral: climate stories told through data
1720, Mary Langsdale, Poster: A ‘round-robin’ inter-comparison of 2.5 – 14 μm surface spectral emissivity measurements made in different international laboratories, and its implication for emissivity measurement uncertainty
1720, Diane Knappett, A.1.09 Atmosphere: Greenhouse Gases, Poster: Global Methane Retrievals from IASI
1720, Milan Lazecky, C.4.01 Cloud Platforms: Big EO Data Analytics: Platforms and Applications, Poster: Current capabilities outcomes and aims of COMET LiCSAR system for InSAR observation of tectonic and volcanic activity
Thursday 16th May
0930, Heiko Balzter, A3.04: Global Forest Biomass Monitoring #1, Oral: Biomass and the terrestrial carbon cycle in Kenya’s forests and woodlands
0955, Martin Wooster, B6.07: ESA Campaigns, Oral: Tandem mission evaluation of the prototype SLSTR Fire Radiative Power (FRP) product via airborne sensing of boreal wildfires during Sentinel-3A and -3B overflights
1220, Darren Ghent, CCI exhibition stand, Oral: Land Surface Temperature CCI
1350, Darren Ghent, A3.15 Land Surface Phenology #2, Oral: Validation of Land Surface Temperature from Sentinel-3
Shannon Mason, Oral: EarthCARE synergy retrievals
1720, Alessandro Novellini, D.1.04 Managing Risks: Natural Hazards, Poster: the British Geological Experience response to “Natural Disasters” using satellite imagery
Friday 17th May
0830, Shaun Quegan, B1.04: BIOMASS, Oral: The Biomass mission: overview of science aspects
0845, Tim Trent, Session on water vapour; Oral: Measuring the depths of the underworld
1040, Darren Ghent, B6.03: Analysis Ready Data #1, Poster: CARD4L-ST self-assessment: Sentinel-3 LST
1220, Alessandro Novellino, D.2.05 Sustainable Development: Sentinels and Copernicus Contributing Missions for Cultural & Natural Heritage, Poster: Characterising and modelling geohazard susceptibility in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Derwent Valley Mills (UK)
1415, Mathew Williams, A3.06: EO for Carbon Cycle Science, Oral: Constraining terrestrial carbon balance through assimilation of earth observation data into CARDAMOM
1515, Joao Carreiras, D1.04: Natural Hazard #5, Oral: The 2015 fires in Indonesia mapped with C-band Sentinel-1 data

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