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ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022

23 May 2022
The Living Planet Symposium 2022 focuses on how Earth observation contributes to science and society, and how disruptive technologies and actors are changing the traditional Earth observation landscape, which is also creating new opportunities for public and private sector interactions.
5 day event

NCEO speakers at the Symposium:


Tuesday 24th May

  • 10:40 Dr Darren Ghent, NCEO University of Leicester | Topic: Advance Future Technology for Earth Observation Missions: Land Surface Temperature CCI: approaches to long-term data for climate
  • 11:10 Dr Claire Bulgin,  NCEO University of Reading | Topic: Advance Future Technology for Earth Observation Missions : Cloud Detection Stability for Land Surface Temperature Climate
  • 16:10 Dr Tim Trent, University of Leicester | Topic: Understand Earth Systems : Long Term Observations of Water Vapour in the Planetary Layer from Satellite Observations

Wednesday 25th May

  • 15:40 Dr Shaun Quegan, NCEO University of Sheffield | Topic: Advance Future Technology for Earth Observation Missions, Talk: The contribution of the BIOMASS mission to carbon cycle and climate science


Thursday 26th May
  • 13:30 Dr Cristina Ruiz Villena, NCEO University of Leicester  | Topic: Understand Earth Systems : Methane point source detection and quantification from high-resolution satellite observations and deep learning methods
  • 13:30 Jack Gillespie, NCEO Field Spectroscopy Facility  | Topic: Enable the Earth Observation Digital Transformation : The NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility UAV Suite

Friday 27th May

  • 13:50 Dr Helen Brindley, NCEO Imperial College London | Session B1.05: EE9 FORUM and SKIM, Talk: FORUM – a mission to measure the Earth’s Far Infrared Outgoing Radiation Spectrum
  • 14:45 Prof Hartmut Boesch, NCEO University of Leicester | Topic: Understand Earth Systems: Observing the global distribution of water vapour Isotopologues with the Sentinel-5P mission 

Poster Presentations

Monday 23rd May
  • 17:53 Dr Jasdeep Singh Anand, NCEO University of Leicester |Validation of Sentinel-3 Land Surface Temperature datasets against ground-based measurements


Tuesday 24th May 

  • 17:26 Dr Brian Kerridge, NCEO STFC RAL Space | Status on tropospheric ozone retrieval from nadir sounders by schemes developed at RAL
  • 17:55 Dr Karen L Veal, University of Leicester | First land surface temperature climate data records from multiple thermal infrared sensors


Wednesday 25th May
  • 17:20 Dr Michael Perry, University of Leicester | Development of Urban Satellite based Thermal Indices (DUSTI)
  • 17:20 Abigail Marie Waring, University of Leicester | Improving temperature observations from Space to close the energy budget of the Earth in support of UNFCCC objectives and the Paris Agreement


Thursday 26th May

  • 17:22 Dr Robbie Ramsey, NCEO Field Spectroscopy Facility | Spectral Atmospheric Suite (SAS) – a portable trace gas measurement network for GHG validation studies
  • 17:34 Dr Neil Humpage, University of Leicester |One year of greenhouse gas column concentrations from the London Carbon Emissions Experiment
  • 17:53 Dr Yumeng Chen, NCEO University of Reading | Improved Arctic sea ice forecasting by combining ensemble Kalman filter with a Lagrangian sea ice model 
  • 18:24 Dr Claire Bulgin, NCEO University of Reading | SLSTR pre-processor to co-locate reflectance and infrared observations 

Friday 27th May

  • 12:21 Dr Adam Povey, NCEO University of Oxford |Evaluation of aerosols in the UKESM against an ensemble of satellite observations
  • 12:24 Dr Kamil Mroz, University Of Leicester |Characteristics of ice over stratiform rain: Global statistics from the Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar and the proposed retrieval scheme
  • 12:25 Dr Kamil Mroz, University Of Leicester | CTriple frequency radar retrieval of microphysical properties of snow
  • 13:11 Daniel Ayers,  NCEO University of Reading | Supervised learning to estimate local dynamical instabilities in chaotic systems: computation of local Lyapunov exponents
Dr Jasdeep Anand kicks off the NCEO contributions to the ESA Living Planet Symposium!
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