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COP28 Community Events

30 November 2023 - 12 December 2023
National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) in collaboration with Space Park Leicester, are holding a series of events to mark the COP28 Climate Summit (30 Nov – 12 Dec).
2 weeks

Space Park Leicester and the National Centre for Earth Observation are also marking COP28 with a series of events and competitions.

    • Cosmic Coffee – COP28 special: This special edition of Cosmic Coffee is going to be hosted by  NCEO and will include pitches from leading climate scientists that will be interspersed with the usual guest pitchers. Cosmic Coffee is a monthly community support event designed to provide a platform for those working in and around the space community at Space City and across the Midlands, to come together on an informal basis to share ideas, receive updates about what is going on and get to know those working in this exciting and expanding sector. We will have presentations from NCEO scientists and staff who are working on innovative projects and programmes across UK institutions:
      • Dr Luke Smallman – Earth Observation Climate Information Service (EOCIS)
      • Dr Ross Maidment – Earth Observation Climate Information Service (EOCIS)
      • Dr Neil Humpage – GEMINI
      • Dr Mike Perry – Land Surface Temperature
      • Ankita Patel and Rose Meadows – Inspiring inclusivity and outreach

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    • Night of Community Engagement and Celebration: The general public are invited to a night of community engagement and celebration at Space Park Leicester on 6 December, where visitors will embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of climate and space, delving into innovative solutions for a sustainable future. It will provide an opportunity to view the magnificent 3-metre globe loaned to Space Park Leicester by one of the world’s leading IT and business consulting firms, CGI.

The programme for the night is as follows:

  • 16:30 – Doors open
  • 16:45 – Michelle Reader unveils her latest sustainable artwork
  • 17:00 – Sustainable ideas to save the planet: Speakers have 5 minutes to pitch an exciting and interesting sustainable idea. You get to choose your favourite!
  • 18:00 – Panel Discussion – COP28: Climate Technologies and Innovation: This insightful panel will discuss climate technologies and innovative solutions to address climate change.
  • 19:15 – Keynote speech: Our speaker will shed light on how earth observation technology is instrumental in helping our planet.
  • 20:00 – Doors close

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