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NCEO at the National Space Centre

PhD student Charlotte Paton is one of the many NCEO scientists who have visited the National Space Centre (NSC) last month to deliver daytime talks to the public. Charlotte captivated the audience with her insightful presentation on the critical role satellites play in monitoring the health of our planet.

Charlotte’s talk delved into the sophisticated technology and methods used to observe and analyse various environmental factors from space. She highlighted how satellites provide invaluable data for tracking climate change, deforestation, and pollution, among other pressing global issues.

In addition to discussing the importance of satellite monitoring, Charlotte shared fascinating details about her own research. She is currently focused on exploring urban heat using thermal infrared satellites, a cutting-edge approach that offers precise measurements and insights into how urban areas are affected by and contribute to climate change.

Charlotte shared her thoughts on the experience:

“I absolutely love what I do, and being able to speak and share that with others is great. What is really amazing about the NSC specifically is the wide range of audiences that I can interact with. This really helps me build the confidence to explain my research at different levels and learn what various people find interesting and important. I truly enjoy the excitement from different demonstrations, and it’s fantastic to answer the wide array of questions that people have.”

The session was well-received by the audience, demonstrating the value of such outreach activities in enhancing public understanding of environmental science and the innovative research conducted by NCEO. By bringing complex scientific topics to the public in an accessible way, Charlotte and our colleagues are fostering greater awareness and engagement with the critical challenges facing our planet.