NCEO - National Centre for Earth Observation

The National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO)

The National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) is a distributed NERC centre of over 80 scientists from UK Universities and research organisations. It is led by Professor John Remedios. NCEO provides NERC (The Natural Environment Research Council) with National Capability in Earth Observation (EO) science and incorporates world-class capabilities in interpretive EO. The NERC strategy, "The Business of the Environment", identifies a unique capability of EO to study environmental change on scales from global to local. In response to this, NCEO provides innovative approaches to scientific investigations of the global and regional Earth System, meeting the related needs of society through long-term core science and translation of EO knowledge and environmental data for support of government and business.



Next Generation Climate Instrument Calibrated in the UK

A next generation satellite based sensor that is designed to advance our understanding of climate change is en-route to its spacecraft.

Quantifying the ozone and ultraviolet benefits already achieved by the Montreal Protocol

New paper published in Nature describes how models project that the Antarctic ozone hole is expected to disappear by about 2050.

NCEO Scientist wins Remote Sensing Best Paper for the Year award

Remote Sensing awards best paper 2015 to Hartmut Boesch et al for Global Characterization of CO2 Column Retrievals Paper

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