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GEO Member Survey on use of EO for SDG reporting

In 2018 GEO surveyed Member countries for insight into the use of Earth Observation in SDG reporting. The summary report Uses of Earth Observation Data for SDG analysis and reporting by GEO Member Countries is based on responses from a total of 72 individual responses, including 21 partially completed.

The survey results will be published on the GEO website and reported to the UN Statistical Commission side event in March 2019 as well as the GEO Ministerial in November 2019. It is useful to gain insight into the current and planning state of EO use for SDGs and define areas where EO4SDGs and GEO should focus to support these efforts. A large number of comments, recommendations and resources were collected with abundant opportunity for follow up investigation and actions.

GEO 2017-2019 Work Programme

Following discussions at GEO-XIII in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, there is now an updated version of the GEO 2017-2019 Work Programme: GEO_2017-19_Work_Programme_v2

This outlines GEO activities to be conducted over the next three-year period by different GEO initiatives. GEO seeks confirmation of your contributions as described in the Work Programme, as well as the identification of any additional contributions you are prepared to make. Please send input to Sophie Hebden who will coordinate UK inputs to the GEO Secretariat.

GEO and data sharing

The joint UK GEO/CEOS Office has supported work to share metadata for UK EO datasets stored on to the GEOSS data portal. 23,458 UK metadata records are being harvested to the GEOSS data portal, including numerous NCEO datasets available on CEDA. These records are shared as Open Data by default and are available as part of the GEOSS Data Collection of Open Resources for Everyone (Data-CORE).

We announced our contributions to data-sharing and GFOI at the GEO plenary meeting held in St Petersburg 9-10th November 2016: here is the link to the UK GEO plenary statement: UK Statement GEO XIII_final

The UK’s contribution to sharing metadata on the GEOSS data portal was announced in a press notice: UK Joint GEO/CEOS Office press notice released by Defra, 10th November 2016.

Prior to the meeting, the Office submitted a nomination for our Principal, Dr Farhana Amin (Defra), to serve on the GEO Executive Committee. Our nomination was successful, giving the UK a voice at the heart of GEO decision-making.

The slides are now available for the 1st GCI Data Providers Workshop: visit, then <Side Events>; <1st GCI Data Providers Workshop>; <Outcomes>.

GEOSS 2016 Interoperability Workshop

A virtual workshop was held on 20 October sponsored and managed by the Standards and Interoperability Forum (SIF). The aims of the workshop were to give attendees a quick overview of the GEOSS architecture, design  and operation, discuss interoperability and standards, data management principles, seek specific input via focussed discussions on three DMP’s (Metadata for Discovery, Traceability, Quality Control), evolution opportunities for GEOSS/GCI and finally reach out to those interested in GEOSS especially those involved in or planning data management planning implementation. The workshop provided attendees with plenty of information and solicited debate upon the key issues raised.

The workshop presentations can be accessed online, and the GEOSS Data Management Principles can be downloaded from here.

Subject matter experts are being sought to feed in their views upon the key issues raised within the presentations (specifically those Data Management Principles) and the this can be done via the presentation author or via specific contact details within the presentation.

A final workshop report is being compiled by the SIF and will be available in December 2016.

Global Forestry Observation Initiative (GFOI) Policy Forum

This year the UK joint GEO/CEOS Office organised the GFOI Policy Forum in London (6 September 2016), and the Space Data Coordination Group for GFOI – SDCG-10 in Reading (7-10 September 2016). The meetings were very successful but tinged with great sadness due to the death of Professor Jim Penman who chaired the Advisory Group for GFOI and led GFOI’s work on developing a set of methods and guidelines to assist REDD+ countries in developing their national forest monitoring systems. We have published a tribute to Jim Penman. The GFOI Review is now complete and the findings have been released.

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