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Yumeng Chen
Data Assimilation Scientific Programmer | Data Assimilation Framework and Theory | University of Reading

Professor Martyn Chipperfield
Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry | Atmosphere-Surface Data Assimilation | University of Leeds
Capability Lead Atmosphere-Surface Data Assimilation; Chemistry of the global stratosphere and troposphere; studying the impact of global pollution and its interaction with climate change.


0113 343 6459
Dr Dan Clewley
Research Assistant | Remote Sensing Instruments | Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Manages the NERC Airborne Research Facility Data Analysis Node (NERC-ARF-DAN) at PML. As part of this he is responsible for processing airborne LiDAR, hyperspectral and thermal data acquired by NERC-ARF and assisting users with data processing.


01752 633432
Esther Conway
Data scientist | Data Centre | STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


01235 44 6367

Daniel Coxon
Spectroscopy Research Associate | EO Radiative Transfer | University of Leicester


Dr Jose Gomez Dans
Research Associate | Terrestrial Carbon and Vegetation | University College London
Vegetation monitoring; Radiative transfer; Inverse problems; Vegetation disturbance (fire).


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