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Dr Claire Bulgin
Postdoctoral Research Assistant | EO Data and Model Evaluation | University of Reading
Cloud detection for sea and land surface temperature retrieval. Uncertainty characterisation and propagation for satellite retrieved surface temperature. Satellite image classification including land, sea, sea-ice, cloud and aerosol. Aerosol-cloud interactions and satellite retrieval of aerosol optical properties.


0118 378 6732
Mr Andrew Burt
Research Associate | Remote Sensing Instruments | University College London
Quantifying forest structure through terrestrial laser scanning.

Mr Iain Bye
Research Assistant | Remote Sensing Instruments | Swansea University



Wilfred Calder-Potts
PhD Student | Atmosphere-Surface Data Assimilation | University of Reading

0118 378 8743

Dr Elisa Carboni
Postdoctoral Research Associate | Integrated Climate Data-Model Systems | STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Satellite remote sensing of volcanic emission in atmosphere: SO2 and ash. My research is focused on algorithms for detection and retrieval of SO2 for METOP data.


01235 445793

Dr Alberto Carrassi
DA Divisional Director | Data Assimilation Framework and Theory | University of Reading

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