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ESA 8th Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing

10 September 2018 - 14 September 2018
NCEO scientists will be lecturing on the exploitation of data from EO missions


The European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) have organised an Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing dedicated to training the next generation of Earth Observation (EO) scientists to exploit data from EO missions (e.g. the Copernicus Sentinels) for science and applications development.

The course is part of ESA’s EO Science for Society – Scientific Exploitation element of EOEP-5 (the fifth cycle of ESA’s Earth Observation Envelope Programme).


The Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing aims at:

  • Training the next generation of scientists on remote sensing of land surfaces and processes;
  • Explaining the theoretical principles, processing algorithms, data products and their use in applications;
  • Introducing tools and methods for the exploitation of EO satellite data, in particular the Sentinels;
  • Stimulating and supporting the exploitation of ESA and non-ESA EO data for land remote sensing science and applications.

Course Content

The course will provide advanced scientific knowledge on theory and applications of land remote sensing. It will be organised around the following main components:

  • Theoretical fundamentals and advanced concepts of spaceborne optical, thermal and microwave remote sensing
  • Presentation of the Sentinel-1, -2 and -3 missions and relevant ESA Earth Explorer missions
  • EO land applications: land use and land cover; change detection and multitemporal analysis; vegetation status and its disturbance; land surface temperature; terrain motion and critical infrastructure monitoring; forest biophysical retrievals; flood and water bodies monitoring; agricultural monitoring; fire detection; urban mapping; monitoring of the hydrological cycle, etc.
  • Practicals using ESA toolboxes (e.g. SNAP) and other tools.

The training course will include lectures by leading scientists including NCEO staff as well as hands-on computer exercises exploiting real data for science and applications. The poster session organised during the course will give participants an opportunity to present their research results and consult with experts.

Training Programme

The programme of the course is available here

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