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Data Assimilation training course

5 March 2019 - 8 March 2019
In collaboration with the ECMWF, DARC at the University of Reading, NCEO will be offering an intensive data assimilation training course.
4-day intensive course on advanced data-assimilation methods

5-8 March 2019: 4-day intensive course on advanced data-assimilation methods.
This course will provide an introduction of all data-assimilation methods used in numerical weather prediction, including the latest developments. All methods will be derived from a common framework to allow a full overview of the assumptions and hence applicability of the different methods. Furthermore, participants will get the opportunity to apply data-assimilation methods to small and large numerical models, to obtain hands-on experience with the different methods and deepen understanding of their working and limitations. For those unfamiliar with data assimilation, or those who are keen to obtain a deeper understanding, this course is a solid preparation for the main ECMWF course.

To apply for this course, please send an email to Amos Lawless, with a short description of your current research interests (around 50-100 words) by Friday 18th January 2019. Applications will be looked at as they arrive, until all the places have been allocated.

UPDATE ON 23RD JANUARY: All places have now been allocated!!

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