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Next meeting and scoping studies

First of all, the next meeting of the stakeholder group will be Monday 6th July at Harwell.  We'll send out the agenda and further particulars nearer the time - for now, just bookmark the date!

The group has received some funding from UKSA for a short-term scoping study on the implementation of the seamless supply chain, being led by CEDA and Telespazio Vega.

The first part of the work will look at challenges and opportunities around the operationalisation of currently existing climate data products. The initial case studies will be complete at the end of June, so will be able to report to the wider stakeholder group at the July meeting.  In the first instance, four case studies have been selected - details below. 

Don Grainger, Oxford:
operational implementation of the ‘ORAC’ climate data set derived from the SLSTR sensor on Sentinel 3
The Optimal-Retrieval of Aerosol and Cloud (ORAC) code is a generic algorithm that estimates aerosol, cloud and surface properties from space-based imager data. It has been used on measurements by the AVHRR, MODIS, ATSR and SEVIRI instruments

Barry Latter, RAL:
 Retrieved ozone and methane volume mixing ratios on a set of pressure/height levels spanning the troposphere and stratosphere and associated a priori profiles, error covariance matrices, averaging kernels, co-retrieved variables, quality indicators and auxiliary data used in the retrieval.
RAL-RSG (NCEO) produces these GOME-2 and IASI products from MetOps-A and –B. The schemes have recently been transferred to JASMIN-CEMS, with support from the CEDA/JASMIN-CEMS team.
It is proposed through EO4CDS to adapt and extend production to Sentinel-5P and Suomi-NPP CrIS.
Suomi-NPP is in orbit and Sentinel-5P launch due early 2016.

Darren Ghent, Leicester:
•         Land and Ice Surface Temperature (LST + IST) record from ATSR-2 and AATSR  (and eventually SLSTR) instruments
o   Product consists of both Level-2 swath data and Level-3 daily / monthly LST & IST intercalibrated between instruments
o   Product contains LST &IST data, total uncertainty, full breakdown of uncertainty budget, quality control flags, cloud detection flags, geolocation and viewing geometry information on  a pixel-by-pixel basis
o   Auxiliary data utilised in the LST & IST retrieval algorithm are included in the output product

Chris Merchant, Reading:
Sea Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative: Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer level-2 (ESA SST CCI AVHRR L2P) and Sea Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative: Analysis (ESA SST CCI Analysis)
Contains global sea surface temperature with uncertainty characterisation. Proposal is to develop running of Metop AVHRRs specifically in short delay mode.