NCEO - National Centre for Earth Observation

The National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO)

The National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) is a distributed NERC centre of over 80 scientists from UK Universities and research organisations. It is led by Professor John Remedios. NCEO provides NERC (The Natural Environment Research Council) with National Capability in Earth Observation (EO) science and incorporates world-class capabilities in interpretive EO. The NERC strategy, "The Business of the Environment", identifies a unique capability of EO to study environmental change on scales from global to local. In response to this, NCEO provides innovative approaches to scientific investigations of the global and regional Earth System, meeting the related needs of society through long-term core science and translation of EO knowledge and environmental data for support of government and business.



NCEO supports Defra's Earth Observation and Open Data Showcase Event

Attended by Defra Secretary of State, The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP, the event encouraged the Defra community to realise the potential of EO data

Maps to aid climate change forecasts

NCEO Edinburgh Scientists using satellite images and field study data, have constructed maps that show where - and for how long - carbon is stored

The decadal state of the terrestrial carbon cycle: Global retrievals of terrestrial carbon allocation, pools, and residence times

A new paper published in Proceedings of the Nat Academy of Sciences USA seeks to better understand the current state of the terrestrial carbon cycle

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